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    Fortran is a very old computer language and so are a lot of the programs available here.  They were developed over two decades and are formated for the Microsoft Fortran version 5 of the late 1980's.  They are presented mainly as templates for more modern languages, although they can probably be made to compile and run under other compilers.  

    One restriction to the old Microsoft system was the number of modules that could be linked  together.  To get round this restriction,  subroutines on a similar topic were grouped together. Most commons were placed inside "include" files to help prevent errors.  One include (  was used in almost all source code to set the word size to double precision.  

    Many routines in my library were not included because they are dependent on specific  formats of data and other local items.  These may be added in the future.

    The source code is grouped by topic in zip files.  The zip files are small. The largest is 60 KBytes.

    A list of the routines is included in the Full Software Code List.


    These programs  are related to atmosphere and radio propagation though it. Refractive index routines as well as several subroutines about water vapor are included.  The Standard Atmosphere of 1976 is also here.


    Several routines to compute radii of the earth, convert types of latitude are include. There are routines to compute the nominal gravity in the WGS84 system. A set of routines to compute geodesics is also included.  Great circle routines for a spherical earth are also here.

Satellites - General

    Routines useful in simple models of satellite orbits are present.  This does not include routines to compute precise orbits or GPS positions (this needs many  support routines that are dependent of the format of the ephemeris data). This includes routines to compute the Right Ascension of the Greenwich Meridian. Modified Julian Date (MJD) routines are included here.


    A wide range of topics are covered.  This includes standard matrix routines, specialized 3 x 3 matrix routines,  estimation theory routines (mean least squares, weighted MLS, MAP), signal processing  (filters, smoothing, residuals of fit to lines, quadratics), functional values from  a table,  robust statistics etc. There is a large set about spherical harmonics.      There are a few main programs for computing statistics from  text files. However the entire  set of supporting routines in note here.  Just the mathematics.


    This catch-all covers things from sorting, setting up constants (pi etc), signal processing (Kalman alpha-beta tracker)  etc. Some of the items could have been included in other categories.

Fortran Routine Documents

    A few notes on programs and topics.  Of special note are items on spherical harmonics, and the several conventions  used in different fields of science. (The coefficient load routines in the mathematics section can take several normalizations and convert to the format used internally.)

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