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    Javascript is a language used in webpages.  It is not Java, which is a full programing language and can also be used on web pages. The name is the most the two have in common.  Javascript was first developed by Netscape for enhancing web pages.  It has no variable types etc. Java, which was developed by SUN,  is strongly typed.  If you don't know these words, it doesn't matter. Javascript (or JScript) is not Java.  It is much safer to enable Jscript in a browser than Java.

    The Jscript code available here was developed for interactive exercises in geodesy.  They are limited, but might be of use to some.  I have also included a note I wrote to highlight some key items about Jscript programing.  

        The source code is available in the  Jscript Zip File

Here is a short list of the functions available in the

    Setting up ellipsoid
    Earth Radii (rearth, Rn,Rm)
    Geodesic routines
    Molodensky (abridged) datum transform
    xyz to Lat, Lon, height
    3-vector utilities (dot,cross, magnitude, etc)
    Utilities, - day-of-year to/from month,day,year
            some formating for printing numbers

A list of the routines is included in the Full Software Code List.

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