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    I have written many technical notes for handouts in classes.  A selection of these, as well as sections of reports that have been reformatted, are here in the PDF format.  The level of technical background assumed for these notes varies, but is not high, in general.  A few require vectors, and a couple some calculus. Many have the equations to perform a task with just some motivating diagrams, but no development or proof.

A free reader for PDF files can be obtained from Adobe.  Get Adobe Reader

These technical notes are listed in the following table along with the size of the file. The files only have a few pages, but many figures which increases the size.  

Topic Description Pages File  Size
Geodesy Measures of Accuracy - RMS - 2drms - CEP - SEP  1 accmeas.pdf 17
Conversions of  latitude types, xyz-lat,lon,height - Equations 6 coordcvt.pdf 154
Definition details of coordinate types 18 coorddef.pdf 405
Description of height types 3 heights.pdf 69
Introduction to earth's gravity 9 intgrav.pdf 193
Description of latitude,longitude types 6 latlons.pdf 197
Radius of earth, radii of curvature 6 radiigeo.pdf 99
Maps Introduction to Maps - Types, Terms, Concepts 7 intromap.pdf 349
Earth Models and Maps - Sphere, Ellipsoid, Real World 7 Mapmodel.pdf 212
Projection Terms Defined 8 projsum.pdf 78
Projections-1  Categories and Properties 11 project_i.pdf 356
Projections-2 Common Projections in Detail 11 projectii.pdf 406
Introduction to Datums 12 Datumintr.pdf 534
Datums-1 Coordinates and Reference Frames 15 Datum_i.pdf 541
Datums-2 Datum Transformations 11 Datum_ii.pdf 278
GPS An Introduction to GPS, Overview, Terms 9 gps_intr.pdf 136
What Datum Am I On? - Navigation Systems vs Maps 3 whatdatm.pdf 27
Atmosphere Atmospheric Bending - Earth to Space 10 Atmsbend.pdf 215
Ionospheric Bending - Earth to Space 10 ionbend.pdf 270
Time Time Systems, UT, GPS Time, Julian Dates, MJD 5 timsys.pdf 47
Overview of Clocks - Mechanical to Atomic  18 pttinote.pdf 431
General Basic Physics for Geodesy - Just a few facts 10 basicphy.pdf 211
NGS Accuracy Standards - Order of Survey etc. 1 ngsstd.pdf
Paths on Earth, Great Circles, Geodesics, Useful Projections 6 navpaths.pdf 150
Mathematics Angles and Arc-Length 3 angarc.pdf 41
Angles Units - The Radian is the  Natural Unit 3 angunit.pdf 59
Brief Description of Derivatives and Integrals 6 dervint.pdf 203
Summary of Vectors and Vector Operations 3 vecsum.pdf 32
Reference on Equations of Ellipse 14 ellipequ.pdf 210

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