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    Over the years I have assembled many images.  Many I made, some I found on the web, and some I scanned and modified.  I have placed the ones that might be of interest in several Albums and Zip files.  I believe these are in the public domain. If you believe otherwise, please email me and I will take appropriate action.     Jrc email address

The image albums show the files as thumbnails in groups of 50. Clicking on the name in the "Album" column brings up the thumbnails. Clicking on a thumbnail brings up the full image that can be saved.

However, I recommend using the Albums to decide if you want the images. Then clicking on the Zip file link and download the desired group. The zip's are sized at about 1 MByte, with the largest at 1.3 MByte. They contain the true original files.  The album generator I used converts all files to the JPG format.  For many small icons and some larger images, this increases the size.

Topic Album Zip File Content Zip Size
Geodesy Geodesy 1  - D 810 kb E  - L 900 kb M  - S 1020 kb T  - Z 1060 kb
Geophysics Geophysics A  -  D 1230 kb E  -  K 950 kb L  -  Z 1200 kb
GPS GPS 1 - GSPD 1070 kb GSPE - Z 900 kb
Maps Maps A  -  I 820 kb J  -  O 1190 kb P  -  Z 1330 kb
Math Math 1  -  O 1130 kb P  -  Z 1130 kb
Miscel. Misc all 1020 kb
Satellites-gen. Satsgen all 920 kb
Utility Science Utilsci all 610 kb
Utility Web Utilweb all 380 kb
Utility - Arrows Utilarrows all + bgl 330 kb
Utility - Background, Lines Utilbgline all + arrw 330 kb
Utility - Earth Utilearth all 890 kb
Utility - General Utilgen all + sgntag 890 kb
Utility - Signs, Tags Utiltags all+ gen 890 kb

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